Words dropped

Do you enjoy a good word search game? Well try our Free word puzzle game called words dropped! With hundreds of different word topics, you’ll spend hours searching for words with our free word puzzle game. Many people ask us why did you call it Words Dropped? Well most of those other games don’t have space for words with more than 5 letters. So they dropped them!
And we picked up those words and ran with them…Give us a try!

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Cannon Voodoo

Do you love free cannon shooting games ? Do you love free 5 star cannon games ? Do you love knock down games with easy target? If yes, then this stellar cannon shooting games is all you need to practice your aim and cannon shot your targets. Control your own free cannon shot and direct it in the direction of your target to aim shoot and hit the target. Play solo or challenge your friends and earn points as you move from one level to the next level. Try the games today!

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Jewel Mine Match 3

Let us exercise your brain, Try our match 3 game Jewel mine…Everyone loves jewels so why not spend all your free time finding them and earning coins while your at it. Enjoy your adventure throughout the game..take your time, slow and steady wins the game!

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